Taste The Snappy Difference...

With fresh, made-from-scratch dough every day at every Snappy location.

You can’t get more fresh dough than making it daily at each location. That’s right, every Snappy Tomato Pizza restaurant comes equipped with a 60-quart mixer that is used up to 12 times a day at some Snappy’s. We can’t find a better way to serve pizzas made from fresh-baked dough than to bake it in the same facility that it is mixed and proofed—within hours of when our special high-protein flour was poured into the mixer to begin the process. Yes, it is labor intensive, and we could find easier ways of handling our dough, like trucking it in from faraway facilities, but we refuse to compromise quality and freshness. There are many other critical steps that we take to ensure that our dough maintains the highest levels of quality. Without giving away all of our secrets, all we can say is that water quality, temperatures, yeast and corn oils, and proofing procedures are carefully calculated and maintained within certain levels in order to produce that great tasting Snappy crust you know and love.

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Taste The Snappy Difference…

With a special recipe pizza sauce that starts with vine-ripened tomatoes, packed within only six hours of being picked from the vine.

To rightfully live up to the meaning of fresh, the tomatoes in our sauce don’t spend much time going from the vine to being processed into our special recipe and into the can where the freshness is sealed in. And yes, we use a fully prepared fresh sauce, not a paste. This fresh sauce is made from tomatoes that are carefully chosen from select California growers. Only tomatoes that have an acid content specific to our special recipe make it into our sauce. The tomatoes that don’t make the cut are sold to other processors and made into less superior sauces and pastes. Yes, we pay a little more to go to these great lengths to ensure this kind of freshness. We will never compromise our quality; the proof is in the taste.

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