Congratulations. You've Found Your Biggest Opportunity In Pizza Franchising.

Pizza is unquestionably America's favorite food. Americans eat an average of 350 slices of pizza each second - that's right, each second. When you total up all the pizzas sold in the U.S. each year, it's more than three billion pizzas. The pizza industry commands over $30-billion in sales each year.

So you've found a huge, growing market. And as a Snappy Tomato Pizza franchise partner, you have your biggest opportunity to take advantage of the ever-growing pizza market. You see, Snappy offers you a recipe of four winning ingredients no other pizza franchise can:

  • In a sea of ordinary pizza logos, the memorable Snappy character is a stand out winner
  • Snappy created the original big pizza - The Beast - it's perfect for school, booster, and business sales. The Junior Beast, which is larger than an extra large, is the perfect family pizza.
  • All pizza franchises tout fresh ingredients and we're no exception. But no other franchise has an award-winning sauce like our Snappy Tomato sauce.
  • A Snappy franchise costs less. Not because you're getting less, but because you're not paying for all the ego and hype other places charge.

With those four advantages working for you, you'll have a thriving residential and institutional business and be profitable long before you would with other programs.

Everything you need to get started is right here on the web. Thanks again for considering Snappy Tomato. We're confident you've found the opportunity you're looking for.

Get Ready To Get Lucky

Snappy Tomato Pizza is headquartered in Kentucky - home of bluegrass, white picket fences, and thoroughbred horses. Dreams are often realized at our Kentucky racetracks. So it's not surprising that some years ago a young man went to the track hoping to win enough to open a pizza restaurant. One horse on the racing card caught his attention. That horse's name was Snappy Tomato. The young man thought it would be a great name for his pizza parlor and put all his money on Snappy Tomato to win. It did. And Snappy Tomato Pizza was born.

Just as Snappy Tomato the thoroughbred won for him, Snappy Tomato Pizza the franchise can win for you. Here's why:

Flexible Concept

At Snappy Tomato we have two proven franchise models. Our franchising team will work with you to determine the model that's right for you and your location:

  • A full sit-down restaurant model with an optional buffet that also offers delivery and carry out.
  • A delivery/carryout model that emphasizes high volume and quick service.

Distinctive Products

The more you research the pizza business, the more you'll see distinctive products are your most valuable assets. Snappy's signature pizzas are all branded, market tested, and deliver exceptional taste and value.

  • The Beast. Our signature pizza is the equivalent of three large pizzas. It delivers big sales to schools, businesses, and team parties, just to name a few.
  • The Junior Beast. Perfect for a family with several small children. There's nothing on the market that can compete with the Junior Beast.
  • Snapperoni Specialty Pizza. Thirty-six percent of pizzas ordered in the U.S. are pepperoni pizzas. Snappy's version - the Snapperoni - has the perfect blend of extra pepperoni and cheese. It's a definite crowd pleaser.
  • The Ranch Specialty Pizza. With a base of Ranch dressing and covered in toppings, the Ranch pizza is a unique taste that has developed a large and loyal following.

Opportunity For Expansion

There are Snappy stores in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, and New Mexico. While we have a lot of stores in a lot of states, there are a lot of markets available - for a single store or for multiple stores.

Few franchises offer you such a wide geographic choice. Chances are good you can locate in the area you've dreamed of. What's even better, if your dreams are big, really big, and you have the financial resources for a larger play, you might want to consider becoming an multi-unit franchisee.

Support Every Step Of The Way

Starting a business can be intimidating. You worry about all the things you don't know, all the missteps that could cost you big money.

We want to take away those fears so you can enjoy the rich satisfactions of establishing and running your own business. That's why we're going to be with you every step of the way with the training and information you need.

Your Guidebook

Day one - the day you sign your franchise agreement - you'll receive your Snappy Tomato Pizza Standards & Operational Manual that will give you a thorough, easy-to-understand overviewof operations. Think of it as a guidebook for all you're about to learn and experience.

Hands-On Experience

Because, as a new franchise owner, you're about to take that first big step: training at a store near you. During this time, you get to see and experience firsthand what it takes to run and manage a successful store. It's hands-on experience that is simply invaluable.

Corporate Assistance

As your store nears completion, our corporate staff will help you with hiring and training your new employees. Once your store is open, a corporate representative will work with you to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Every Step Of The Way

From day one to grand opening day and beyond, you'll have the training and support you need to feel confident in the success of your new store. But it's not just the Snappy Tomato corporate staff that will be helping your success. You'll have the council and support of your fellow Snappy franchisees. It's a dynamic group that looks forward to welcoming you as its newest member.

Here's What You Need To Succeed

You don't have to be a millionaire or a veteran of the food service business to be a success with Snappy Tomato. One of our largest franchise partners is a former banking executive who saw Snappy's financial potential. So whether you've always wanted to own your own pizzeria or you've taken a package from your corporation and want to work for yourself, your affordable Snappy Tomato investment can make it a reality.

We like to be very transparent on costs. So here they all are. The only caveat is that these costs are for illustration purposes. Your particular costs may differ. But, in general, here's a range of what you're looking at:

  Low High
Application Fee$1,000$1,000
Franchise Fee$14,000$14,000
Leasehold Improvements$25,000$28,000
Grand Opening Promotion$3,000$6,000
Initial Marketing$5,000$10,000
Working Capital$10,000$30,000
Total Investment$99,000$241,000

As part of your due diligence, we invite you to compare these costs with other pizza franchising start-up costs. We know they're very favorable. We intentionally keep our costs low so that as a Snappy Tomato franchise partner you have a low entry cost into the market. That way you'll be profitable sooner and have the incentive to add more stores or develop a market.

As with all franchising programs there are some one-time and on-going fees. In the spirit of full disclosure, here are ours:

Application Fee:Payable upon the submission of your franchise application.
Franchise Fee:Payable upon execution of your franchise agreement.
Royalty Fee:5% of weekly gross sales paid to Snappy Tomato Pizza.
Advertising Fee:2.5% of weekly gross sales paid to Snappy Tomato Pizza.

Our Process Revolves Around You

Unlike many franchise operations where you're forced to fit the corporate mold, Snappy Tomato offers flexibility. We know each of our current franchisees is different. Your situation will be different, too. So instead of putting you through a bunch of needless steps, we learn your situation and build a customized plan to help you best take advantage of your unique opportunity.

Customized Plan

That plan starts with our initial face-to-face meeting. As a new franchise partner, this is your opportunity to meet and get to know your new corporate support staff. It's our opportunity to get a deeper understanding of what you're looking to achieve with your store. From the information we gain in this meeting, we'll put together a customized plan.

What's Included In This Plan?

Again, it depends on your unique situation, but most plans deal with these key areas:

  • Site selection
  • Lease review
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Equipment layout
  • Equipment sources - both new and used
  • On-going management and hourly training
  • Bulk purchasing discounts
  • Pre-opening and grand-opening assistance
  • On-going marketing assistance
  • Technology support
  • Operational reviews
  • Cost-control support

Executing The Plan

Making the plan a reality is joint effort between you and the franchise support staff. Using the plan as our mutual guide, we'll assist you in going through the steps to launching your new store. Because we're following an agreed to plan designed especially for you, there should be no negative surprises. You can feel confident that each step will happen on-time, on-budget, and per-plan.

Questions We're Frequently Asked

Do I have to be a millionaire and supply all sorts of financial information to be considered?

No to both. You will have to show some financial stability, but we don't ding you because you don't have offshore banking accounts and a house in the Hamptons. Most of our franchise partners are middle class individuals with a strong drive to own their own business. The two most important qualities to us in a franchise partner are a strong drive to succeed and the willingness to devote the time it takes to build and grow a successful business.

What kind of contract will I have to sign?

Before you sign anything, we want you to be very comfortable with our Franchise Agreement. While it's a very straightforward document that spells things in understandable terms, we'd recommend that you run it by a lawyer - just for your own protection. So you know, our franchise agreement is for a 15-year term, renewable for an additional 15-year term.

Can you ballpark what my total investment might be?

Ballpark, yes. An exact figure at this time, no. That's because there are a number of variables that go into figuring your total investment. The most crucial of those is the cost per square foot of your potential location. A sit-down store - either free standing or in a strip center - will range from 1,200 to 3,000 square feet. Depending on the number of feet and the cost per square foot, your cost could be between $99,000 and $241,000.

What kind of corporation runs Snappy Tomato Pizza?

We're a family run business with two generations of family members active in the business. We do things on a more personal basis and because we're not a big corporation with a lot of bureaucracy, we're able to be fast and nimble on your behalf.

How long does it take to get started?

With many franchise organizations there's a waiting period - could be three months, could be six. We hit the ground running the day your franchise agreement is signed. Part of our process is developing a timeline that works for you and gets your store open as soon as possible..

Do I have to buy my own food ingredients?

Yes, you'll buy them from an approved Snappy Tomato distributor. Snappy Tomato negotiates all contracts for our ingredients for our franchisees. By negotiating on your behalf, we're able to lock in the best food cost possible. We also work closely with the food distributors and manufacturers to ensure quality and consistency.

What menu items do you offer besides pizza?

Besides a variety of different pizzas, we also offer appetizers, pasta, wings, hoagies, salads, deserts, and drinks. There's something for everybody on the Snappy menu.

Getting More Information

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